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News and progress


Colts Quest

A dream of dreams in a time of darkness which gives way to shining light
My mini rpg project.You are Colt a ranger from the tiny village of Aerdell.Suddenly portals begin to appear all over the world sending out monsters and there is only one person capable of this.....The Gatekeeper a man called Neorn.Worse still it seems what Neorn has been guarding the entire time of his existence is his true goal, The arda crest an item forge by gods and races long forgotten with power beyond anything the world has seen before......


Take over rivals streets,improve you're talent buy new instruments incorporate new members all in busker!

Fugitive:The streets of New York

You killed in self defence but the court was not so generous.You find yourself running through the backstreets and alleys evading the police determined to make it out of the city

You Are A Vampire
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

find your element at <>
Sites up yeah I know its ugly and ok it is a bit crap but hey its my first site and the forums not bad and hey Ive got a few links worth checking out